Research Objectives

  • To study and develop strategies and programs for older individuals 

           to work in new ways

  • To study intergenerational workforce relations and transition to retirement

  • To study the impact of aging for the voluntary sector and develop strategies for seniors' involvement  

  • To study mature lifestyles and health issues related to work 

  • To communicate results of the projects and research results


Research Methodology

  • Study research topics in collaboration with workers, volunteers, employers and other stakeholders

  • Studies to include both primary and secondary research

  • Contract leading experts and professionals to conduct research and

          deliver reports 


Applied Research Topics

  • Myths and stereotypes about the older worker

  • Work-style transition to retirement: part-time, contract, volunteering, etc.

  • Health issues and the older worker

  • Economics of the aging labour force

  • The impact of technology on the older worker

  • Intergenerational workforce relations

  • Lifestyle issues (e.g. how they impact the older worker)

  • Pre-retirement productivity in the workplace

  • Individual's requirements for financial planning for their future

  • Small business start up for the older worker